My family has been very big animal and pet lovers ever since I could remember. People might call my mother and me the “cat women,” but we do not care because we love them so much. We have one dog right now named Molly and three cats, Oscar, Misty, and Ella. They are all black cats, which one might say that is a lot of “bad luck”, but we still love them all the same. I have had my dog Molly, since I was seven years old. She is my best friend literally. She is half lab and half boarder collie. She is the best behaved dog and she also has the same birthday as me, which is another reason my parents decided to buy her. I know that having a pet teaches children to grow up with responsibilities. I know my parents would not allow my brothers and I to get an animal until we proved we were able to take care of one. So my mother and father got us a fish to take care of, and we did a fantastic job at that. So they said if we really wanted to look into getting a dog and cat then we could. Also, looking back it did not take long for my mother to want more cats, she loved animals growing up, but we just did not have the time when we were younger to have one. Two of our cats were rescue cats, they came to our house as kittens and we took them in and got them all their shots to make sure they were healthy. I could not imagine a life without pets. I am saving up my money to get my own cat here at school, hopefully someday soon!


I took this picture of Lilith, a black cat fou...

I took this picture of Lilith, a black cat found as a kitten in a supermarket parking lot. Feel free to share this image, but leave “Lilith” in the file name, please! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I was born in Noblesville, IN in 1991. When I turned seven years old I moved to a little town in central Illinois. Most people would never ever move to a little small town with nothing to do, but my family got transferred there because of my fathers job. Now when I think back to it, I would not change it for the world. It amazes me how much my cousins have grown up and become so different then I did living in a small town. My town had no more than 2,500 people in it and the town I was born in had over 55,00 people. I know my high school was a lot to handle, anytime anything would happen everyone would know an 10 minutes later. It’s unbelievable how much people know in a small town, but everybody is always there for everybody. Everybody knows everybody and will be there for anyone in a heart beat. I love when I come home and it is just like we have never been apart. When I go home to Indiana, it’s so great seeing my family and old friends, but it is just not the same. They have all grown up in a big town where they did not have the closeness like I did when I grew up. My cousin will come home every other weekend with a new best friend which is insane to me. The best friends I have, have been the same ones since I moved to Illinois when I was seven and would not change them for the world. I love living in a small town, where people know who you are.


Small town charm

Small town charm (Photo credit: KarinaInTO)


Schoolworks Classroom

Schoolworks Classroom (Photo credit: topgold)


When I think about my everyday routine and it consists of okay did I finish all of my homework or study for this quiz or test, did I write that paper and submit it correctly? Then I think about my routine from back in high school, wake up, shower, eat breakfast, go downstairs, drive to school, practice or a game after school, go home, shower, go to sleep, and wake up and do it all again. We live our lives from the age of four to maybe sometimes into our thirties doing school work. It blows my mind that we not necessarily “waste” our time with school, but look at the economy today, we all are getting our bachelor degrees and we are not able to get jobs? I sometimes feel like it could possibly be a waste of time. My hopes have always been to win the lottery, five thousand dollars a week and then we would not have to act like we just wasted over one hundred thousand dollars in schooling that never got us the job that we wanted. I feel like if we are going to go to school for this long there should be a way to ensure that we will get to work our dream job someday. It is very upsetting when you push yourself everyday to try and work your hardest and you do not know if you will have a job when you graduate from college. I hope to get into a field after I graduate to get me into a field that I will always be secure in.


I think anyone that was born in the 90’s will know exactly what I am saying when I say, where has our childhood gone? It is crazy to think that all of the shows we watched growing up are no where to be found, unless you find them on Netflix or something. All of the shows nowadays are terrible and honestly to me not as good as the old shows. Just to name a few, Rugrats, Barney, Hey Arnold, Roscos Modern Life, Rocket Power,and Angry Beavers, those are just a few of the best shows from the 90’s. My brothers and I use to sit in front of the television and use to just laugh our heads off to Rugrats, that one was our personal favorite. Our mother use to make keep telling us to scoot back from the television, but to us we felt like if we were far away from the t.v. we would not be able to see! Crazy I know, but thats how it use to be.

Another one of my personal favorite shows was the Big Comfy Couch. I found it hilarious and so cool that they were able to go into the couch cushions. Also, she use to have clock time where she would lay down on a mat and use her arms and legs as the “hands” on the clock. I just could not have asked for a better television shows in my childhood. If kids do not know who loves orange soda, they did not grow up in a time of good television shows! Everybody knows who loves orange soda!


Rugrats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Little Traverse Bay at sunset, viewed from Pet...

Little Traverse Bay at sunset, viewed from Petoskey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I think of the perfect place to go on a vacation I can not help but think of one specific place, Bay View, Michigan. My family has a little white cottage over looking the beautiful Michigan Bay. I have never been more lucky than for my family to have a place like this. My parents have taken my two brothers and I up there every year since we were born. It makes it extra special when we go because Bay View is not open in the winter so you can only go in the summer time. The reason it is not open in the winter is because it gets so frigidly cold. If you have ever swam in the Michigan water you know that it is one of the coldest lakes in the world to swim in! I remember as a young girl jumping right on in, now it takes me awhile to decide if I want to actually get in the water or not.

Bay View has the most beautiful sunsets in the world, or I think so at least. How can anything beat the sun setting over a huge beautiful lake? We have two favorite places to visit when we go to Michigan, Petoskey and Harbor Springs. They are both little towns that have stores on both sides of the streets. There is so much to do in both these towns, such as shopping, eating, and site seeing. Our favorite place to eat is also in Petoskey, it is called Jesperson’s. It is a little family owned restaurant that has the absolute best banana cream pie in the whole world. My dad and I will order a whole pie so we have one at the house to eat. Most of the pies will be gone before 1 p.m., because they are honestly the best things in the whole world. It makes it very special that I get to spend this time with my family and that we have this special place for us to bond. I would not change going to Michigan every year for anything in the world. It might be a relaxed trip, but it is by far the best time in the world!


christmas tree

christmas tree (Photo credit: peminumkopi)

Cover of "The Pumpkin Patch (Picture Puff...

Cover of The Pumpkin Patch (Picture Puffins)

Holidays are such joyful times of the year, my two personal favorites are Halloween and Christmas. Starting off with Halloween, I love all of the fall colors and smells. I remember back along time ago my parents use to take my brothers and I to the pumpkin patch. The couple things that really stand out to me about Halloween time is fresh apple cider and carving pumpkins. It use to be a contest between my brothers and I to see who could carve the best pumpkin. Now that I don’t live at my parents house anymore it’s very tough for me to get out there and find another pumpkin patch to go to. I feel like it is a family tradition and hopefully when I go home to visit my family we can make a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Now for the best holiday of the year, Christmas! I have always absolutely loved Christmas time. There is nothing better then the beautiful white snow outside your window on that Christmas morning while spending time with your family. Every year my family and I would put up our Christmas tree together, the boys would put up the lights and we would all decorate the tree together, while blaring Christmas music throughout the house. Our family Christmas’s have never been all about the presents, but honestly just for the time we have with our family. After my immediate family Christmas we always go to Indiana where all my other family lives for two more Christmas’s. I can not wait for these two holidays to come up, because then I get to spend so much quality time with my family.




Yum! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I think back to every single Christmas Day that I have spent with my mothers side of the family, I can’t help but think about Gooey Butter Cake. If you do not know what this is, right after you read my blog you will have a hankering to go make this scrumptious dessert. My grandmother has always  been the queen of Gooey Butter cake. The best piece is definitely the ones in the middle without the edges. The outside pieces never have enough “gooey butter” on them. I am going to share with you the  recipe from which my family has loved for many years.


First, for the cake you want 1 18 1/4-ounce package yellow cake mix, 1 egg and 8 tablespoons of melted butter. Then for the filling you will want 1 8-ounce package of softened cream cheese, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 8 tablespoons melted butter and 1 16-ounce box powdered sugar. Directions to cooking the cake, you must preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Mix together the cake mix, butter and the eggs in an electric blender to combine everything. Then grab a pan and lightly grease the pan so the cake does not stick and pat the cake mix into the pan. Then, put the cream cheese, vanilla and eggs into a bowl and mix them together. Next, you will want to add the powered sugar to the cream cheese mix and spread that across the crust you just previously put into the pan. Bake for about 40-50 minutes make sure to check so you do not make the gooey part hard. There you have it, one of the easiest desserts to make that will make your guests drool!!



I had no clue about anything that had to do with hunting until I dated my ex-boyfriend.  I was born and raised as a “city” girl and then decided that wasn’t what I liked.  I absolutely love being out in the country, laying under the stars, and walking through a town where everybody knows everybody.  These people who I have met in the little town of Cerro Gordo, IL will always be very special to me and I know they would do anything for anybody.  Now back to the hunting, I have always wanted to go hunting, but never knew exactly what to do.  I use to go out with my boyfriend and all of his friends and we would skeet shoot down by the river for a couple of hours.  It took me a little time to shoot a twelve gage shotgun, but I eventually got use to it.  I really enjoyed shooting the AK 47, which is an assault rifle.  It was a very intense and made my adrenaline go through the roof.


I have never actually been hunting, but am going to go take the hunting safety course that you have to take to get your hunting license.  My first animal I want to hunt is a deer, but my friend is going to take me duck hunting first.  I use to be very upset when my boyfriend would kill animals, but it is a sport and is very interesting and there is so much more to hunting then just killing animals.


Snipe Hunt

Snipe Hunt (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)



Curtis Painter and Peyton Manning, quarterback...

Curtis Painter and Peyton Manning, quarterbacks of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You know how you’ve seen those people out in the 30 degrees weather, or the people that refuse to leave the TV on Sundays, that person is me.  I am an absolute die hard Indianapolis Colts fan.  Ever since the day I was born I did not have a chance.  My entire family is from Indiana and I was also born in Indy.  I moved to Forsyth, Illinois when I was 7 years old.  I loved growing up here in Illinois, but I have always missed my family and roots in Indiana.  I grew up with two brothers who always watched the Colts and also my parents are die hard Colts fans too.  So every Sunday we would sit out in our family room and watch the game early during the day or late at night.  We would all wear our Colts jerseys and sit around the TV.  It was not only just to watch the game, but also have family time too.


The past couple of years have been tough for most Colts fan, just for the sole fact that we lost Peyton Manning this year, but he also had to sit out all last season due to his neck injury.  It killed all of us to watch the Colts slowly going down, but as we all know if you are a fan, you are a fan for LIFE! I remember the day Peyton was telling everyone on national television that he had been traded to the Broncos, I remember my heart dropping.  I grew up watching Peyton Manning and now watching him play for another team just broke my heart.  Even though I can not stand seeing him on another team, I still respect that man completely.  He is such a modest and down to earth guy.  He will contribute and be an amazing player to any team he plays on in the future.


English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always been a big fan about the new phenomenon Pinterest. This website allows the everyday person to be able to get on this website and gather ideas for many different things. Such as, hairstyles, recipes, weddings, do it yourself crafts, tattoos and much more. Pinterest allows you to “repin” the things that interest you.  You would make one category solely for beauty tips and hair or for crafts and repin the things that go with those categories.

I have been addicted to this website ever since the first day I started fooling around with it. The article I just read tells about how a person in the PR world could use it to their benefit. They talked about putting social media on Pinterest to get their ideas out there for people to see. Which makes great sense because I know that the people who get on Pinterest are not on there just for a couple minuets, they are there for hours at a time.

This website is very addicting and could either be a dangerous thing when it comes to school and doing homework. Maybe in the PR world it could be beneficial to ones company and getting their ideas out to the community. I know it is definitely something everyone needs to check out even if it is just to be nosey, you might actually find some really handy things on this website, I sure have!