English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always been a big fan about the new phenomenon Pinterest. This website allows the everyday person to be able to get on this website and gather ideas for many different things. Such as, hairstyles, recipes, weddings, do it yourself crafts, tattoos and much more. Pinterest allows you to “repin” the things that interest you.  You would make one category solely for beauty tips and hair or for crafts and repin the things that go with those categories.

I have been addicted to this website ever since the first day I started fooling around with it. The article I just read tells about how a person in the PR world could use it to their benefit. They talked about putting social media on Pinterest to get their ideas out there for people to see. Which makes great sense because I know that the people who get on Pinterest are not on there just for a couple minuets, they are there for hours at a time.

This website is very addicting and could either be a dangerous thing when it comes to school and doing homework. Maybe in the PR world it could be beneficial to ones company and getting their ideas out to the community. I know it is definitely something everyone needs to check out even if it is just to be nosey, you might actually find some really handy things on this website, I sure have!