Curtis Painter and Peyton Manning, quarterback...

Curtis Painter and Peyton Manning, quarterbacks of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You know how you’ve seen those people out in the 30 degrees weather, or the people that refuse to leave the TV on Sundays, that person is me.  I am an absolute die hard Indianapolis Colts fan.  Ever since the day I was born I did not have a chance.  My entire family is from Indiana and I was also born in Indy.  I moved to Forsyth, Illinois when I was 7 years old.  I loved growing up here in Illinois, but I have always missed my family and roots in Indiana.  I grew up with two brothers who always watched the Colts and also my parents are die hard Colts fans too.  So every Sunday we would sit out in our family room and watch the game early during the day or late at night.  We would all wear our Colts jerseys and sit around the TV.  It was not only just to watch the game, but also have family time too.


The past couple of years have been tough for most Colts fan, just for the sole fact that we lost Peyton Manning this year, but he also had to sit out all last season due to his neck injury.  It killed all of us to watch the Colts slowly going down, but as we all know if you are a fan, you are a fan for LIFE! I remember the day Peyton was telling everyone on national television that he had been traded to the Broncos, I remember my heart dropping.  I grew up watching Peyton Manning and now watching him play for another team just broke my heart.  Even though I can not stand seeing him on another team, I still respect that man completely.  He is such a modest and down to earth guy.  He will contribute and be an amazing player to any team he plays on in the future.