I had no clue about anything that had to do with hunting until I dated my ex-boyfriend.  I was born and raised as a “city” girl and then decided that wasn’t what I liked.  I absolutely love being out in the country, laying under the stars, and walking through a town where everybody knows everybody.  These people who I have met in the little town of Cerro Gordo, IL will always be very special to me and I know they would do anything for anybody.  Now back to the hunting, I have always wanted to go hunting, but never knew exactly what to do.  I use to go out with my boyfriend and all of his friends and we would skeet shoot down by the river for a couple of hours.  It took me a little time to shoot a twelve gage shotgun, but I eventually got use to it.  I really enjoyed shooting the AK 47, which is an assault rifle.  It was a very intense and made my adrenaline go through the roof.


I have never actually been hunting, but am going to go take the hunting safety course that you have to take to get your hunting license.  My first animal I want to hunt is a deer, but my friend is going to take me duck hunting first.  I use to be very upset when my boyfriend would kill animals, but it is a sport and is very interesting and there is so much more to hunting then just killing animals.


Snipe Hunt

Snipe Hunt (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)