Little Traverse Bay at sunset, viewed from Pet...

Little Traverse Bay at sunset, viewed from Petoskey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I think of the perfect place to go on a vacation I can not help but think of one specific place, Bay View, Michigan. My family has a little white cottage over looking the beautiful Michigan Bay. I have never been more lucky than for my family to have a place like this. My parents have taken my two brothers and I up there every year since we were born. It makes it extra special when we go because Bay View is not open in the winter so you can only go in the summer time. The reason it is not open in the winter is because it gets so frigidly cold. If you have ever swam in the Michigan water you know that it is one of the coldest lakes in the world to swim in! I remember as a young girl jumping right on in, now it takes me awhile to decide if I want to actually get in the water or not.

Bay View has the most beautiful sunsets in the world, or I think so at least. How can anything beat the sun setting over a huge beautiful lake? We have two favorite places to visit when we go to Michigan, Petoskey and Harbor Springs. They are both little towns that have stores on both sides of the streets. There is so much to do in both these towns, such as shopping, eating, and site seeing. Our favorite place to eat is also in Petoskey, it is called Jesperson’s. It is a little family owned restaurant that has the absolute best banana cream pie in the whole world. My dad and I will order a whole pie so we have one at the house to eat. Most of the pies will be gone before 1 p.m., because they are honestly the best things in the whole world. It makes it very special that I get to spend this time with my family and that we have this special place for us to bond. I would not change going to Michigan every year for anything in the world. It might be a relaxed trip, but it is by far the best time in the world!