I think anyone that was born in the 90’s will know exactly what I am saying when I say, where has our childhood gone? It is crazy to think that all of the shows we watched growing up are no where to be found, unless you find them on Netflix or something. All of the shows nowadays are terrible and honestly to me not as good as the old shows. Just to name a few, Rugrats, Barney, Hey Arnold, Roscos Modern Life, Rocket Power,and Angry Beavers, those are just a few of the best shows from the 90’s. My brothers and I use to sit in front of the television and use to just laugh our heads off to Rugrats, that one was our personal favorite. Our mother use to make keep telling us to scoot back from the television, but to us we felt like if we were far away from the t.v. we would not be able to see! Crazy I know, but thats how it use to be.

Another one of my personal favorite shows was the Big Comfy Couch. I found it hilarious and so cool that they were able to go into the couch cushions. Also, she use to have clock time where she would lay down on a mat and use her arms and legs as the “hands” on the clock. I just could not have asked for a better television shows in my childhood. If kids do not know who loves orange soda, they did not grow up in a time of good television shows! Everybody knows who loves orange soda!


Rugrats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)