Schoolworks Classroom

Schoolworks Classroom (Photo credit: topgold)


When I think about my everyday routine and it consists of okay did I finish all of my homework or study for this quiz or test, did I write that paper and submit it correctly? Then I think about my routine from back in high school, wake up, shower, eat breakfast, go downstairs, drive to school, practice or a game after school, go home, shower, go to sleep, and wake up and do it all again. We live our lives from the age of four to maybe sometimes into our thirties doing school work. It blows my mind that we not necessarily “waste” our time with school, but look at the economy today, we all are getting our bachelor degrees and we are not able to get jobs? I sometimes feel like it could possibly be a waste of time. My hopes have always been to win the lottery, five thousand dollars a week and then we would not have to act like we just wasted over one hundred thousand dollars in schooling that never got us the job that we wanted. I feel like if we are going to go to school for this long there should be a way to ensure that we will get to work our dream job someday. It is very upsetting when you push yourself everyday to try and work your hardest and you do not know if you will have a job when you graduate from college. I hope to get into a field after I graduate to get me into a field that I will always be secure in.