My family has been very big animal and pet lovers ever since I could remember. People might call my mother and me the “cat women,” but we do not care because we love them so much. We have one dog right now named Molly and three cats, Oscar, Misty, and Ella. They are all black cats, which one might say that is a lot of “bad luck”, but we still love them all the same. I have had my dog Molly, since I was seven years old. She is my best friend literally. She is half lab and half boarder collie. She is the best behaved dog and she also has the same birthday as me, which is another reason my parents decided to buy her. I know that having a pet teaches children to grow up with responsibilities. I know my parents would not allow my brothers and I to get an animal until we proved we were able to take care of one. So my mother and father got us a fish to take care of, and we did a fantastic job at that. So they said if we really wanted to look into getting a dog and cat then we could. Also, looking back it did not take long for my mother to want more cats, she loved animals growing up, but we just did not have the time when we were younger to have one. Two of our cats were rescue cats, they came to our house as kittens and we took them in and got them all their shots to make sure they were healthy. I could not imagine a life without pets. I am saving up my money to get my own cat here at school, hopefully someday soon!


I took this picture of Lilith, a black cat fou...

I took this picture of Lilith, a black cat found as a kitten in a supermarket parking lot. Feel free to share this image, but leave “Lilith” in the file name, please! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)